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Samsung's HD204UI 2 Tbyte EcoDrives are known for their slow Spin-Up-Time, so I didn't really wonder about a recent SMART failure, after suspend, in the Spin-Up-Time category.

Now there is a returning massage occurring, that, A Drive failure is imminent coming from the gnome-drives-utility.

Its really getting annoying cause its popping up like 20 to 30 times a day and every time I have to click it and get rid of it.

All other SMART checks are fine and CrystalDiskManager in Windows also reports the drive is fine except for the bad Spin-Up-Time, which passed the threshold in the past.

Is there any way to disable this imminent failure massage?

Also I noticed that this slow-spin-up-problem always occurs after suspend not during a cold-boot. I had a Synology DS211 NAS before and they specifically patched their system for this slow-spin-up times. Maybe their is a solution out their to do the same for Ubuntu but didn't find one until now.

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