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After installing Natty 11.04 (Kubuntu), I noticed that the "Export to PDF" menu item doesn't work. I am thinking about doing an uninstall-reinstall.

Has anyone else had this problem, or it is a known bug? Thanks for any help!

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You don't need to uninstall & reinstall, simply go to your home folder, press CTRL & H to show the hidden folders, look for .libreoffice and delete it. That is the profile for LibreOffice and in essence should resolve the problem.

I should have also stated that when you next start LibreOffice a new .libreoffice profile will happen.

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Thanks. There was a problem in LibreOffice, Tools, Properties – joe berro May 10 '11 at 22:01

I have to open Tools -> Customize and from there I have to reset menu "File". After that was export OK.

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This is really a comment, not an answer to the question. You can always comment on your own posts, and once you have sufficient reputation you will be able to comment on any post. – stephenmyall Aug 21 '12 at 20:58
@Tarmo I think this really is an answer (not a comment), but I'm having trouble understanding what it's telling me to do. Can you edit this to explain in greater detail what you're suggesting should be done? In particular, it's unclear what changes need to be made in Tools > Customize. "reset menu 'File'" doesn't really make sense without greater context. In addition to more explanatory text, you might consider posting a screenshot. – Eliah Kagan Sep 6 '12 at 13:47

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