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My CDrom has 702mb the whole ISO is 731 it gives me the option to overburn the disc? Can I do this and still boot the disc successfully onto a laptop?

If not is there a file that is maybe is not needed in the Ubuntu 32bit OS Boot download?.

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702MB is a safe value, most discs have the capacity to go a couple of 10's MB over this and overburning will be OK if they are generally good quality CD-R/RW's. I have overburned a fair few CD's in my time without any real issues, I would however state that I have not had a CD that was 29MB over the 'normal' safe limit. If the disc successfully burns then chances are it will read and run as intended.

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Thanks Kai, you are very insightful –  user246175 Feb 8 '14 at 23:37

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