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For example, if I change default Ubuntu Unity 12.04 icons for Potenza or AwOken ones, Seamonkey browser stays the same, I checked that those themes do have Seamonkey icon in their sets.

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Of course, you can't use an icon that doesn't exist. Try Faenza theme, it's more complete than Awoken. You can install it via Ubuntu tweak. –  Parto Feb 8 '14 at 18:42
They DO have Seamonkey icons. –  user63070 Feb 8 '14 at 18:45
Okay. Look at this question, similar case askubuntu.com/questions/16531/… –  Parto Feb 8 '14 at 18:48
Well, now Potenza and AwOken work, but not default one. –  user63070 Feb 8 '14 at 19:18
What do you mean default one? –  Parto Feb 8 '14 at 19:23

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