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I have done a partition with win8.1, I have left it exFAT, is this 0k por the ubuntu 13.10? can i install in that partition the ubuntu? or does it need to be in another format?

After I whent to the bios , and boot with the cd, I choosed instalation... and after some time (30s), it all whent white, whant am I doing wrong, what do i need to do so it can install??

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Use installation guide on how to install Ubuntu or dual-boot it. And yes Ubuntu uses different partition type like EXT3 or EXT4 and Windows usually NTFS. More detailed about partitions over here –  JohnnyEnglish Feb 7 at 14:14
the instalation guide is for ubuntu 12.04, and I can only download desktops 12.10 or 13.10. –  user245689 Feb 9 at 18:36
And when I go to the instalation guide, when I have to use the architecture the only amd that apears is: AMD64 & Intel EM64T, and I use: AMD Quad. will it work even so? –  user245689 Feb 9 at 18:39
you use AMD it doesn't change anything, it's still AMD. Installation guide based on current LTS version and it's 12.04 there's nothing so different in installing 12.10 or some. –  JohnnyEnglish Feb 10 at 21:57
I`ve done what the installation guide says, and I steel have the same problen, It suddenly stops the installation and It goes white. I`ve done a video to show what happens... it might be a problem of the bios or the windows8.1, I dont know! but I need to solve this, any idea? youtube.com/watch?v=BAQjEl-0-Gc&feature=youtu.be –  user245689 Feb 11 at 14:01
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