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I try installing Ubuntu 13.10 next to windows 8 on my laptop, but I was all the time booting on windows I execute a boot repair from a live USB... and since then I'm getting a nice black screen with Grub rescue...

Here is the URL boot repair gave me.

I know witch of my partition is the linux one on my disk can read what is on with: ls (hd0,gpt5)/

But that's pretty much all what I can do! (I'm a begginer with linux and I can't access to the bios to modify any setup for the moment...)

Thanks for your help!

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Okay, I finally use the radical way:

  1. I was fortunat to be able to boot on a live cd.
  2. Save important document I needed from my partitions.
  3. Then with GParted delete all the crap (multiple partition of Windows 8...)
  4. And finally install windows 7 (I don't know why this version getting along better with linux) and Linux.

Hope it can help other people!

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