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I have a HP G42. It was working but would randomly halt or restart the X session while running ubuntu 11.04.

Finally, last night, it froze and was not able to boot anymore. It gets stuck in the ubuntu splash screen, an if I choose the recovery mode in grub, it sort of halts in the session selection menu.

I have already run a memtest and it passes without errors.

How to proceed to further debug this issue?

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I had similar issues. In order to get the recovery console working (I had the same issue - recovery menu would come up, but would not react to keyboard input), I had to unplug all my usb devices and add nohz=off acpi=off to my boot line in grub for the recovery mode. These boot parameters might differ for your system. I certainly would give acpi=off a try. That seems to be an issue for many system.

Once I was successfully in recovery mode, I was able to fix my xserver by renaming the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

My issue was that I had the proprietary driver from ati installed, but then I used jockey to install the Ubuntu version of the fglrx driver over that. That left my system in an unstable state. Finally, I was able to purge fglrx from my system and installing the open source radeon driver.

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It was an issue with the kernel module for the wifi adapter driver. Don't have the bug at hand, but it's fixed in oneiric so I'm closing the question. Thanks anyway. – tutuca Nov 7 '11 at 3:49

Perhas you should do a check for all proprietary graphics drivers and updates, and if you are using proprietary drivers, perhaps see if there are alternative drivers you could use.

did you do a wubi install or is ubuntu your only OS? if so, what partition is it installed on? if it is ext4, perhaps as a last resort try reinstalling on an ext3 or 2 partition...

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the only propietary driver I'm using is the broadcom's. It works fine in 10.10, so it's a 11.04 specific bug. also: don't put wild guesses as answers but comments instead – tutuca May 10 '11 at 17:18

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