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Many questions here ask for how to get a certain MTP enabled device (a phone, tablet or media player) working, assuming that the device is somehow supported by current FOSS software. But what to do if it is not?

Problem: The device is not detected by mtp-detect

Connecting the MTP capable device to the computer and running mtp-detect from the mtp-tools package in terminal returns:

No raw devices found.
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Before you start hacking...

Please verify that mtp-detect really gives you the "No raw devices found." message. Also try to reboot and replug the device/host or use another cable that, preferably, works with another MTP enabled device, if possible.

If your device is detected, then please have a look at: Getting MTP enabled devices to work with Ubuntu? I also posted some troubleshooting instructions and I am still taking suggestions for improvement there.

Installing the latest libmtp version

If you are not running the latest version of libmtp, you can:

Filing a support request for your device

If compiling from source didn't work, chances are that your device is currently not supported by libmtp. Unfortunately the project doesn't maintain a list of supported devices, but you can try searching online for: libmtp supported device + device name + USB vendor ID + USB device ID or something similar.

If in doubt, just follow the procedures on the project homepage to open a bug report/support request for adding a new device (it's basically running lsusb -v, if you cannot code in C).

Note: It's useful to provide the name of your device and a link to the product page if possible.

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