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For all of my official ubuntu updates (main universe multiverse restricted) I use an Israeli mirror of the ubuntu repositories, with one exception: for the security updates I use The Israeli ISOC mirror also provides the security updates.

What are the pros and cons of using a mirror instead of the official repository for security updates?
Are there any real security concerns I should consider by moving my security updated to a mirror instead of the official server?

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What I can think of:

  • You might receive updates later than when using the main repository (due to the lag in synchronization),
  • You might receive no updates at all if there's a problem with a mirror that's not closely monitored, and
  • You might install problematic updates that have already been removed from the main repository (again, the lag in synchronization being the problem).

Security-wise I wouldn't worry that much, since packages and lists are all GPG-signed.

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