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I found this page about Linux Secure Remix in help.ubuntu.com. It suggests that this is a more advanced version of Ubuntu for dual boot running Ubuntu alongside windows.

My question is whether its site is authentic? And is this an actual version of Ubuntu or a fake? Does Ubuntu authenticate this site?

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If you read the first paragraph it says (emphasis mine):

Linux Secure Remix (ex- Ubuntu Secure Remix) is a slightly improved Ubuntu disk designed especially to install Ubuntu in dual-boot with Windows (or MacOS). It is a non-official Ubuntu derivative.

That added to the official list of Ubuntu flavors should be enough to say that no, Linux Secure Remix is not a official Ubuntu derivative.

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Simply put: Nope.
It looks like it's made and maintained by fans and it's not an official part of the Ubuntu line-up. You can see the official Ubuntu distributions here.

The help.ubuntu.com page about Linux Secure Remix is a community help page. Anybody can create those. You can read more about the community help on its main page:

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