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Not sure if anyone can help, but I've put together an older PC that has on-board graphics, which according to the documentation is Intel Extreme Graphics 2. Anyway Ubuntu 13.10 (32-bit) installed fine but when I log in, no Unity at all and I'm just left with the background Wallpaper. I've followed a number of related posts on resetting Unity etc, all to no avail. I did install Unity-2D and that seems to work - though quite slow and graphics appear low-res. When I look at the Graphics on the Info tab is tells me that's it's unknown/fallback. So I went to the intellinuxgraphics.org site and found the drivers for the Extreme Graphics 2 and followed the instructions to the letter which appeared to install fine, software pre-checks all suggested everything was OK and when advised to reboot I did. However now that is done, I log back in with the same problems as before and when I check the Info screen the graphics still say Unknown/fallback.

I'm a bit lost now on what to try next. As I said, I followed so many posts on resetting Unity, dconf etc all to no avail and I suspect until I get this driver recognised properly by the system I won't get the rest to work. I'm sure when and if I do the rest will sort itself out.

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