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So I just got rid of Windows 7 starter and installed Xubuntu 12.04 but the network manager after trying to enable wireless says

wireless is disabled by hardware switch

I have googled around and found no solution.

rfkill list says

2: phy0: Wireless LAN Hard blocked: yes

and rfkill unblock all doesn't do anything.

I am also 100% sure my switch on the machine is turned on and the Fn+F5 combination doesn't fix it either.

I have tried BIOS reset with no luck and rearranging the boot order with also no luck. The only way I can connect to the Internet on this machine is through USB smartphone WiFi, I think the cable port is broken.

I have also tried with no luck so far:

sudo rfkill unblock all
rmmod ath5k && modprobe ath5k
rm /dev/rfkill    
sudo iwconfig wlan0 txpower auto

I'm kind of stuck now and don't know what else to do, my last idea is to reinstall Windows 7 just to turn this WiFi back on but that's the last thing I'd want to do. Thanks.

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Please edit your question to add the entirety of: rfkill list all – chili555 Feb 6 '14 at 12:47

Oh no. I've been there. There's only one solution. You have to either install windows and turn the hardware switch back on. Or the following, and this is what I did. You have to open your netbook and take out the battery to do a CMOS reset. Here's the tutorial I followed:

It was also discussed here:

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