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I realize that the title is a little ambiguous, but bear with me.

I'm having problems with my login screen displaying a user account that should be hidden. The user's name is marked as Light Display Manager on the login screen. This only seems to happen when first logging into the computer after boot, and the user is gone next time I log out. This problem is accompanied by an issue with the desktop environment chooser not updating it's position upon the installation of a new desktop environment, causing some of the choices to go off the bottom of the screen and be unreadable.

From what I can tell, this issue was caused by the log in screen crashing when I tried looking into the Remote Login feature. Because the problem is seen on the login screen, and I can't replicate the issue in a virtual machine, I have no screenshots to help explain the issue.

Does anyone know how to "reset" the login screen to it's defaults so that these issues won't occur anymore?

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