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I've been running 12.04 and compiling up compat-wireless-2012-03-12-p.tar.bz2 (I found this page covering Asus N56V / ubuntu 12.04 issues which linked to orbit lab) each time I get a kernel upgrade.

I accepted an upgrade to 3.2.0-58 a few days ago, and performed my recompile and install as usual but ever since then the ethernet connection has been dropping, and my machine has hung completely several times.

I then went to the alx linux foundation page and downloaded the latest compat-drivers-2013-03-04-u.tar.bz2 file, but this wouldn't compile.

Finally I looked at How do I install drivers for the Atheros AR8161 Ethernet controller?, and I installed the official 3.4 backports package

sudo modprobe -r alx
sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-cw-3.4-precise-generic

which I understand to be the latest supported version which will automatically update with new kernel updates. (I'm not really sure whether it's being used or my old driver is being used.)

However the wired dropouts continued, as did the machine hangs. So then I used grub to boot with 3.2.0-57 and everything seems fine again (I'm not sure whether this kernel is still using the drivers I compiled myself or is using the 3.4 backports package).

I'd like some advice if possible as to how to proceed.

Have I done something wrong and I ought to be able to use the latest kernel somehow? To be honest I'm not an expert here and have just searched the web and found something that worked last year and stuck with that, and perhaps that's the wrong approach.

Or is this something where I ought to just wait it out, decline further kernel updates, and then upgrade my distribution to 14.04 where all this should have been sorted out?

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