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After I updated my Nvidia-319 to Nvidia-331 KDE got broken . taskbar became black and minimize and maximize doesn't work . Even Konsole doesn't work . I reinstalled Nvidia but nothin has changed . How can i fix it ?

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Open the Terminal from the Mint Menu and start with the commands:

sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install gtkorphan

The && is used to run the second command if the first command runs successfully.

Continue by running:

sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade

This is used to double-check that you have all the updates.

To clear out the broken packages use the command:

sudo aptitude -f

or try to direct fix

inxi -Sr
sudo apt-get install --fix-broken
sudo apt-get install --fix-broken --simulate mint-meta-kde
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For this, you will have to go to TTY1 (CTRL+ALT+F1) and log in through there to access the terminal. Also, use apt-get in place of aptitude, assuming you are running Ubuntu or Kubuntu. – Sil Feb 5 '14 at 19:13
then try to direct fix, like inxi -Sr sudo apt-get install --fix-broken sudo apt-get install --fix-broken --simulate mint-meta-kde – Rushdi Feb 5 '14 at 19:17

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