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  • I've recently switched back to using an external monitor with my laptop.
  • I'm using a 2x2 virtual desktop with the expo plugin. (Actually a 3x3, doesn't matter)
  • I'm currently not satisfied with the associated workflow.

What it currently looks like:

enter image description here

As you can see there are 2x2 virtual desktops, each virtual desktop being a wall of the different physical displays.

What it could look like:

enter image description here

The picture is extracted from the video of a 2011 design mockup, the obvious difference being that there is one different virtual desktop per physical display.

I had no problem to keep track of where wy windows are using only one screen but it's suddenly more difficult to manage with a second screen. (Not to mention that plugging it moves my windows arounds the different virtual desktops...)

  • What happened to the mockup ?
  • How do I get different virtual desktops per physical display as showed in the mockup ?
  • Is it even currently possible ? Can I code it ?
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