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As the title said, it stuck on the initial screen with "Google" icon and an unlocked bootloader icon. This occurs every time I tried to reboot into ubuntu touch within the dual-boot app. Android's boot is in normal condition. The space left in /cache is reduced by about 2.7G after the installation.

Is it because some thing like ubuntu touch's boot has being swept and lost forever after the shutdown during the reboot procedure for the first time? So which dir it should be in so that it won't be lost again? And how can I get the boot back? Or any other reason?

Only mtd0(media) & mtd0ro(root) in /dev/mtd.

maguro,yakju,android 4.3. Really appreciate your help!

---Seems that it's not about dualboot or multirom kinda things now. Even I flashed my gnex with the touch-armel-maguro.zip & touch-armhf.zip here using CWM I got a black screen without any response after the initial screen, regardless of the multirom aiming to nexus 5, far later than gnex. Meanwhile I found this page. Seems that better not consider this any more before throwing gnex away.

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The nexus works with multi-rom. The dual boot app is broken. Use multi-rom. There's a tutorial on XDA. –  hbdgaf Feb 5 '14 at 10:26

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