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I know that its possible to set profile for new tab, but what if i need to switch profile for current tab?

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From Changing Konsole colors in KDE using the shell the solution is quite simple but cover color

konsoleprofile colors=WhiteOnBlack
# or
konsoleprofile colors=GreenOnBlack

Where the value come from menu Settings > Edit Current Profile… > select Appearance tab.


You need to wrap the command in the passthrough escape sequence inside tmux session, otherwise it won't do anything:

printf '\033Ptmux;\033\033]50;konsoleprofile colors=GreenOnBlack\007\033\\'

Here is are tiny helpers I put in my ~/.zshrc:

# Konsole color changing
theme-night() {
  switch-term-color "colors=TomorrowNightBlue"
theme-light() {
  switch-term-color "colors=Tomorrow"
switch-term-color() {
  if [[ -z "$TMUX" ]]
    konsoleprofile "$arg"
    printf '\033Ptmux;\033\033]50;%s\007\033\\' "$arg"


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