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I hope someone will be able to solve my current problem.

I am a linux newbie and I want to have a dual boot on my laptop. Currently Windows 8.1 is my main operating system and have 3 partitions (OS, Media, Documents + the OS reserved partition created when installing windows 8.) Looking at guides on the internet I shrunk my OS partition and booted Ubuntu 13.10 from USB. Upon installation I noticed I cannot modify my unallocated space and upon further research I found out that Linux can handle only 4 active partitions on a drive. I copied everything from a partition to another and then deleted the respective partition.


C - 128 GB (OS) D - 602 GB E - 200 GB

Drive E was deleted and transformed to unallocated space

Upon returning to ubuntu install I cannot find the unallocated space but I have a /dev/sda3 of size D+E. What am I doing wrong?

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