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I have 13.10 as a guest on Virtualbox 4.3.6 on Vista. I can't afford to have a DE because of my graphically pathetic laptop or whatever the cause is, so I just thought I have plain TTY's to work with. It's just that I cannot find a way to maximize them to fill my display. I can not find any easy work arounds for this, I think a little tweak would do the trick, by I really don't like to do that. Is there an easy way to have tty in full screen?

I do have Virtualbox additions installed. If I start X I would have a full screen, it's just that I can't get it without X. I beg for help.

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The best way to get a decent terminal screen to work with your VM is to ssh into it. –  guntbert Feb 4 at 22:02
@quntbert How is that? I mean ssh from where, another machine? –  arsaKasra Feb 5 at 5:27
Not another machine - you install putty on your host and connect with that to your guest. –  guntbert Feb 5 at 17:27

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