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Since the microblogging plugin for fails to work in combination with a Proxy, I switched to Gwibber.

Gwibber works fine, but although 'Display notifications' is checked in my preferences, notifications are not shown. All other notifications (like sound, pidgin) work fine.

I am using Lucid with all the latest updates and Gwibber version: 2.30.2

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Some suggestions:

  • I don't believe Gwibber notifications are shown while the Gwibber window is open/visible. This isn't certain, but try closing the main window via the close button (not the quit option) and see if you start receiving notifications.
  • With the Gwibber window closed, check to see that the gwibber-service process is still running, either in System Monitor, top, or ps x | grep gwibber. If it's not, something is wrong.
  • If all else fails, please file a bug by running ubuntu-bug gwibber.
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There's a preference checkbox that will only notify you if someone is directly messaging you, you might want to make sure that box is unchecked.

alt text

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Curse that box. I almost feel like it would be better to see three radio buttons: Show all notifications, show only mentions, and no notifications. Would simplify things a bit. – Jacob Peddicord Sep 14 '10 at 17:44
Eerily enough, today's Gwibber update in maverick does just that. – Jacob Peddicord Sep 17 '10 at 1:57
Yeah, we thought that was very confusing so fixed it in Maverick! – Ken VanDine Sep 17 '10 at 21:36

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