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I have a dual boot system with win8 and Ubuntu saucy. Can I use the command line to copy/move/edit/delete files and folders located on the windows partition? How do I set the path to that??

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Yes, the Path would be the Mountpoint of your Windows-Partition.

You could also modify /etc/fstab to define the Mountpoint. You might want to check this Wiki-Page for fstab:


  1. Create a Folder called "Win8Partition" in your Home-Directory

  2. Open fstab with your preferred Text-Editor, e.g. nano.

    sudo nano /etc/fstab

  3. Add the Partition at the end of fstab, e.g.

    /dev/sdxY/ /home/yourusername/Win8Partition ntfs rw 0 0

(Where "/dev/sdxY/" is the Partition, in my case it's "/dev/sda3") After that save the Changes made to fstab and exit nano. Your Windows-Partition will be mounted to the Folder "Win8Partition" after a Reboot and you should be able to browse and modify Files from there.

Sorry for my broken english. Feel free to edit :-)

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