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hope someone can help. I am not extremely computer literate and my brother installed Ubuntu on my Acer net book when my windows crashed irretrievably . I recently (day before yesterday) had a box come up saying an update (i think it was 10 or 11 .something) i followed the instructions to download and install it and now, all my side bar icons have disappeared. I happened upon an Internet connection by chance and have no idea whatsoever how to get them back. This is quite probably a really stupid question and a really easy fix but as i said earlier, i am pretty much a novice, very far from a computer expert!

Thanx in advance :o)

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Hmm Seems like you have upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04.

Do the icons appear when you press the super key on your keyboard (the windows logo?)

Have you tried logging out (not restarting) Log out to the login screen

Click on your name

Look for the session menu at the bottom of the screen

Change it from “Ubuntu” to “Ubuntu Classic” or if it says 'Ubuntu Classic' change it to 'Unity'

Click log in.

It may be that your netbook does not support Unity 3d which if that is the case and you can only log in to Ubuntu Classic then you can install Unity 2d which will get you your icons back:

Then repeat the log out and back in and select Unity 2D

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Thank you andybleaden, i managed to get Ubuntu Classic to work fine, it's slightly different to what I'm used to but absolutely fine (i actually think it's better and easier than the net book edition) :o) –  Lolly Collier May 9 '11 at 13:34
cool glad to help –  andybleaden May 9 '11 at 14:35

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