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I'm doing a bit of cleaning on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I've noted that when I install a package (via apt-get install packageName), the depends and recommends packages linked at this package are also installed. I'm wondering if it's possible remove the recommends packages without any problem/ lose stability? Instead, as for the depends packages, I think that's no possible. Right?

Thanks. Stefano

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It would quickly become a mess if that was not possible.

If you remove a package and other packages depend on it the system will remove those if you agree to it. Deleting a library that is in use by Unity will remove Unity BUT as long as you do not remove apt-get itself you can always re-install it with apt-get.

There is an extra package called deporphan that scans the system for libs that are no longer in use by any packages and that will remove those when you agree to it. I used it on several Ubuntu releases and it works like a charm.

Ubuntu tweak might be useful to you. It is sort of a command center around applications.

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