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I am not sure if I will make this clear but I have an issue with my motherboard. I have a asus Sabertooth Z77 and running 2x amd HD7990 graphic cards on a watercooling loop. Unfortunately in the last few days the monitor (my TV actually) show a loss of colours (kind of purple) and a patch where it looks like the screen has been smashed.

When I switch to integrated GPU this issue does not exist and when I boot on a live USB of ubuntu 12.04 (which I have installed) again this issue is not present.

One other thing is that the issue seems that is just on the first slot of PCIe as I have tested by taking the power of the card placed there and attaching the vga cable to the next card. I even swapped the cards over (a nightmare as I had to empty the loop to do that)

Can someone help me on this or is this something that is totally not fixable...

Very happy to post more details just tell me how as I am a novice to Ubuntu....

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