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Samsung NP915S3G

1 - tried to install aside windows 8 - change partition (reduce) to have space for debian or ubuntu - boot on usb keys - using debian 7.2 7.3 fails - using ubuntu 13.04 13.10 fails - using remix 13.04 fails note: of course have set ufi with boot-repair every time to have boot windows and linux

  • live ubuntu 13.04 with remix run successfully

2 - finally installing remix (ubuntu 13.04) on full disk success - update last packet reboot OK (on BIOS not EFI).

BUT at that time I CANNOT boot any USB key (which I used to install !!)

3 - I set recommended flags on grub to enable brightness to be effective as described below: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor" at http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/installation-samsung-portable-ativ-lite-serie9

since I could not reboot on disk and no way to boot on USB key (which where successfully used before) So now I can't use this PC any more.

Of course I have unset fastboot etc .. On NP915: no way in BIOS to select boot order (was useless before).

Help requested.

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