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I installed Ubuntu server 12.04.3 LTS with RAID partition by installator,

In free command swap is 0.

root@xxx:~# free
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:        507636     108460     399176          0      11464      47884
-/+ buffers/cache:      49112     458524
Swap:            0          0          0

I made a swap RAID0 /dev/md2 made by /dev/sda3 & /dev/sdb3

root@xxx:~# blkid
/dev/sda1: UUID="2153e51b-7cc1-81c2-5f69-1ae9c6cd9ddd" UUID_SUB="bcddb576-d2a7-d                                              31d-970f-1d2396c38fc2" LABEL="dpServer:0" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sda2: UUID="36d5f454-0f87-ad05-d2da-1d70ffee1d97" UUID_SUB="a052d290-7bdb-c                                              58a-d3ff-af0502f46bb7" LABEL="dpServer:1" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sda3: UUID="49628c50-315a-a4b7-5ffd-4f984377f4c6" UUID_SUB="a0c494bd-003a-b                                              19a-5e90-9ea561e96c8c" LABEL="dpServer:2" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sda4: UUID="e4dc30d7-d4db-1f06-b0a5-c8827d421ee6" UUID_SUB="1f97e14f-4f66-0                                              384-1a14-f4d07b86205a" LABEL="dpServer:3" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sdb1: UUID="2153e51b-7cc1-81c2-5f69-1ae9c6cd9ddd" UUID_SUB="34ae993d-3330-d                                              bcc-b2f5-0bb348a5fef6" LABEL="dpServer:0" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sdb2: UUID="36d5f454-0f87-ad05-d2da-1d70ffee1d97" UUID_SUB="b6e807cc-c0b0-2                                              1ed-4659-7dfe4ffa0be7" LABEL="dpServer:1" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sdb3: UUID="49628c50-315a-a4b7-5ffd-4f984377f4c6" UUID_SUB="27e5b931-ca23-b                                              7e2-a482-bfdeb4cd5128" LABEL="dpServer:2" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/sdb4: UUID="e4dc30d7-d4db-1f06-b0a5-c8827d421ee6" UUID_SUB="aa52d69b-b8f5-7                                              e13-705e-c4fcb220675d" LABEL="dpServer:3" TYPE="linux_raid_member"
/dev/md3: UUID="7b7d3303-7575-4a57-b141-4bf93f0c407c" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/md0: UUID="69aaff0e-e00e-4852-a14a-dc123ea29e59" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/md1: UUID="8edb8930-279e-4f71-9457-9e79eaff572e" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/md2: TYPE="swap"

root@xxxx:~# swapon -s
Filename                                Type            Size    Used    Priority

swapon is empty.

How can i made swap partition work ?

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Run swapon /dev/md2? –  psusi Feb 2 '14 at 18:49
<facepalm> @psusi Thanks man, that was so simple –  QuRa Feb 2 '14 at 20:59

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