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I have a Dell Inspiron 17R SE with 3 disks :

  • sda : 128 GB SSD SATA III
  • sdb : 750 GB HDD SATA III
  • sdc : 240 GB SSD mSATA III

I want to have Windows 7 on sbc because it needs a lot of space. I managed to do that but since the mSATA isn't recognized by the BIOS as a boot device, the 100MB system partition has been placed on sda. After that, I wanted to install Ubuntu on sda. I used gparted to create the necessary partitions without touching the 100MB one and installed the system. After that, my computer loops on the BIOS. I tried several things that I found on the internet but nothing worked. Actually, I didn't seem to find someone who was trying to do something like this.

I have used Windows Repair to be able to boot Windows but I really want to be able to do this configuration.

I don't have a problem with erasing Windows to start with a perfectly clean computer. I don't really know what do to here. Should I install Ubuntu first then Windows, is there something to do with a live CD (other than just installing Ubuntu)?

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