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I'm new to *nix, Ubuntu, and nginx and so far it's a lot of fun playing around with new technology. However, after following tutorials on how to setup a new domain (server block) I can see how this would quickly become tedious.

Is there any package I can install that would allow me to quickly, and easily spin up a new domain on my server? And an SFTP user? And email?

I haven't found anything, so this is going to be my weekender project to create this myself, but if there is an existing wheel out there then I'd rather not reinvent it.

Essentially, I'd like something like this (where the package is called 'ubmaster'):

$ sudo ubmaster create domain
$ Enter FQDN: somedomain.com
$ Enter SFTP username: somedomain.com
$ Enter SFTP password: somepassword
$ Enter email: user@somedomain.com
$ Enter email password: someuserpassword
$ --- Spinning it up ---
$ Automatically created www.somedomain.com sub-domain.
$ Automatically transferred skelton to /var/www/somedomain.com.
$ Automatically chroot'ed user somedomain.com.
$ Automatically created new server block for somedomain.com.
$ Automatically … ?
$ Automatically created temporary URL.
$ --- Voila! ---
$ Your new domain is ready at: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/~somedomain.com

And I can already see where I'd want more commands:

$ sudo ubmaster create email somedomain.com
$ Enter email address: new user@somedomain.com
$ Enter email password: newuserpass
$ --- Voila! ---


$ sudo ubmaster create sub-domain somedomain.com
$ Enter sub-domain: somesub.somedomain.com
$ Automatically creating sub-domain root folder.
$ --- Voila! ---
$ Your new sub-domain is ready at: some-sub.somedomain.com

Etc. etc.

I've looked at http://www.ajenti.org, but they're not ready. And http://www.webmin.com is just too ugly. And http://www.zpanelcp.com is too buggy from what I've determined just trying to install it. And various other reasons for the rest.

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