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I bought a new ASUS 1015E Notebook-320GB .It had no other OS . I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 from a USB drive and created partitions as

/dev/sda1 fat 32-----mount point /boot/efi---248 MB
/dev/sda5 ext4  mount point   /          ---25598MB
/dev/sda6  ext4   ---  -/opt       102398MB
/dev/sda7   ext4  /home         102398MB
/sda9  ext4    /usr        87374MB
/sda8  ext 4    2GB            SWAP  partition

After doing this it asked me to restart the system I did so but then it doesn't boot.How should I specify the boot point if I created the above partition.Also how to check if ubuntu was successfully installed. I am new to Ubuntu. My notebook is not booting .

Please help me with this.

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