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Arrghh...So frustrated with this problem.

Today I downloaded the most recent Ubuntu, being completely new to Linux. My plan is to run it on a partitioned drive with Windows 7 on a separate SSD.

Anyway I downloaded Ubuntu 13.10 ISO and THEN downloaded the Pen Drive Linux USB Installer. After using that to format my USB drive properly and then put the ISO on the drive, I restarted and entered the boot menu via the POST screen. I selected USB-HDD and it restarted as usual. But after POST it came up with the message "Missing Operating System" on a black screen. I have also tried putting the flash drive to highest boot priority in the BIOS, to no avail.

So does anyone have a solution to this problem? I've seen many questions on this before but nothing helps.


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I used unetbootin but exactly the same thing happened. Anyway, what do you mean, msy? I haven't done anything like that. Are you sayin I should download another Linux distro? – SystemBuilder2211 Feb 1 '14 at 8:48

You could try using unetbootin to create the USB installer.

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didn't work. do you think there could be something wrong with my computer? – SystemBuilder2211 Feb 1 '14 at 8:49

You shuold take an eye on these things:

  • Don't connect other disk to your computer.
  • Don't use unreliable tools.
  • Don't download incomplete system files.
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