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I installed clam AV anti virus for Ubuntu. As i don’t got exact clam av in repository i looked into this site "".

So as per instruction i run command line ( sudo apt-get install clamav), but the software(clam AV) is not visible in my dashboard.

I am a very new to Linux

Please help me how can i see the GUI and access it or uninstall it

Can any body suggest best running and effective open source anti virus for Ubuntu.

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ClamAV doesn't come with a GUI by default. For a GUI, see the Graphical user interface section of this answer. – minerz029 Feb 1 '14 at 6:38
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First of all note that you don't need antivirus for linux. Check the answer for this question Linux Anti-Virus

For clamav it comes with noGUI but to do it in command line :

To Install Clamav

sudo apt-get install clamav 

To update pattern files

sudo freshclam

To scan all your filesystem and remove infected files

sudo clamscan --infected --remove --recursive /

To download test virus


To uninstall

sudo apt-get remove clamav

But you can use a frontend GUI that works with calmav called AntiVirus Scanner(avscan). you can download from here.

Moreover there are many GUI frontends for calmav. you can check this menu here and choose one of them but i advise you by the one above(avscan)

If you want to use other GUI i advise to use comodo.Comodo has a free, modern, easy to use anti-virus program for various GNU/Linux distributions including Ubuntu 12.04.x.y 32 and 64 bit LTS. The graphical user interface is easy to learn how to use.

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Thanks Maythux, if i install avscan, do i have to uninstall clam av. if so please help how to uninstall it. – Auro_user239244 Feb 1 '14 at 11:30
@Auro_user239244 You don't have to uninstall calmav since avscan is just a GUI frontend and it cant standalone. It uses calmav. I also stated in my answer how to uninstall check it – Maythux Feb 1 '14 at 11:34

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