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I have had some problems with Ubuntu 13.10 while using OpenJDK 7 to play Minexraft 1.7.4. (Please don't tell me that I need to use Oracle Java, I already know I should be doing that.) My computer is kind of old (Dell Latitude D630), and I have 2GB of RAM. One of my biggest problems is that, while in the middle of playing Minecraft, or using OpenJDK, for that matter, it will randomly freeze after about 5 minutes. Then, I will have to hardboot the computer, and turn it back on. When it freezes, I can't do anything. Nothing I do will register a response on the computer. In other words, is there an easy fix for this, is this a common bug, or or should I really really use Oracle Java and by doing that, I will fix the problem? I just like OpenJDK better because it's easier to install, and other stuff like that.

Edit: I just did use Oracle Java, and I had the same result. Same error as this guy, except I used Oracle Java

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