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I have downloaded GCC 4.8.2.tar.gz,I have also installed mpc,gmp,mpr packages. But still I am unable To install these compilers. While make file it gives me error

configure: error: source directory already configured; run "make distclean" there first

I urgently need help since.I want to run maths programs in FORTRAN for my Mac. Thanks.

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Did you run make distclean ? What happens when you run make after that? Can you please add this information to your question. –  jmunsch Jan 31 at 16:34
When running 'make distclean' command It justs clean all make files which were generated by command './configure'. –  user242117 Feb 1 at 4:26
If you are using 12.04 try : askubuntu.com/questions/271388/… ... Also consider adding some information on what OS you are using, what version 12.04, 13.10, etc. Where you downloaded and added the .tar.gz file and the steps that you have completed so far. If you could please just update your question. Thanks. –  jmunsch Feb 1 at 4:33
I am using ubuntu 13.10 32-bit version.I have ectract .tar.gz in folder /opt/gcc-4.8.2/ .I am new to linux. After extracting files steps i hav done : 1) sudo ./configure 2) sudo make –  user242117 Feb 1 at 4:42
Can you give me steps –  user242117 Feb 1 at 8:24

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