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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS HP Laptop

i am really desperate, since I now only occasional have access to the internet and I need my laptop for an upcoming exam in practical statistics..

a week ago it started: notebook shutdown often didnt work -> had to push the power button sometimes even starting doesnt work with same screen:

[4976.650011]Process Xorg (pid....
[4976.650011] Stack:
[4976.650011] numbers...
[4976.650011] numbers..
[4976.650011] Call Trace:
[4976.650011] radeon_gart_unbind
[4976.650011] raeon_ttm_backend_unbind
[4976.650011] ttm_bo_cleanup_memtype
[4976.650011] ttm_bo other stuff...
[4976.650011] ...
[4976.650011] radeon...
[4976.650011] drm_gem_object...
[4976.650011] idr_for_each
[4976.650011] fput...
[4976.650011] task_work_run
[4976.650011] exit...
[4976.650011] wake up_state...
[4976.650011] signal_wake_up_state
[4976.650011] do group_exit
[4976.650011] sys_exit_group
[4976.650011] sysenter_do_call
[4976.650011] code: ........
[4976.650011] end trace
[4976.650011] Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!

checking for running unattended upgrades
speech-dispatcher disabled: edit /etc/default/speech-dispatcher
stopping winbind daemon winbind
Askingh all remaining processes to terminate
lightdm main process (1056) killed by KILL signal
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