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How can I change the default nautilus-actions settings for all new users?

I need to install Ubuntu on many machines. They will all be customized with some nautilus-actions actions. Users will be added later, without my supervision. Many of the nautilus actions have the execution mode set to "In a terminal". Out of the box, "In a terminal" does not function. The "Command pattern" setting in preferences must first be set to "/usr/bin/gnome-terminal -x sh -c COMMAND". How can I set the default for this setting during, or immediately after installation so that the actions will function correctly for new users?

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Out of the top of my head, I think you can either write a script you manually run after each installation, or you can build your own installation-cd with a modified Nautilus configuration (/etc/skel on the installation drive is the home folder for after-installation) –  MrVaykadji Jan 30 at 15:35

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