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I installed Ubuntu 12.04LTS without turning off Fast Startup in Windows 8.1 as I was unaware that this needed to be done. I've installed Ubuntu many times before, but this was my first time with windows 8.1, and unfortunately I didn't look up anything before I did it. I resized the partition and installed Ubuntu successfully and upon reboot, it went directly to Ubuntu without grub showing up. Is there anything I can do as the windows partition is my primary one and there is software that I need access to on it.

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@Cerran actually if you don't correctly shutdown windows, Ubuntu can't mount the NTFS partition to allow GRUB to add it. – Braiam Jan 30 '14 at 15:20

The answers here may help you. Using boot-repair from a live CD/USB drive is probably the best option because it's a utility designed to fix these kinds of problems. Otherwise, you can try reinstalling grub yourself.

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Press shift to open GRUB menu,and then go to windows 8.

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