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I am attempting to install Ubuntu 13.10 alongside my current Windows 8 installation. I have already deactivated Fast Startup and have confirmed that my laptop does not support UEFI. I can successfully run the installer or boot Ubuntu from a liveUSB, however the installer tells me that I do not currently have any operating system installed onto my hard drive.

What I believe to be the problem is that I installed Windows 8 via a retail disc on a new hard drive. According to disk management, it is currently divided into a 350MB "System Reserved" partition, and a 931GB (C:) partition.

How do I either get the installer to detect my Windows 8 installation, or set up partitions to install Ubuntu on?

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use ubuntu 14.04 or 12.04 LTS instead you will get better and regular updates and can you give a system snapshot?? –  Creator Jun 15 '14 at 16:01

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