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As stated in the title, Ubuntu installer does not recognize Windows 8 and it will not offer the "Install along with Windows" option. Only "Erase everything" or "Something else". How can I solve this?

Important details:

  1. My disk is GPT.
  2. I can see and browse Windows partitions (OS (C:), System, recovery etc.) just fine from Nautilus while in Live. I didn't have to mount them manually or anything similar. I can even write and read files.
  3. GParted will recognize all partitions correctly
  4. No error is reported in boot.log and the disk is correctly mounted (i.e. nothing special in dmesg).
  5. I have Secure Boot enabled. I tried with SB disabled and nothing changed.
  6. I have already resized Windows partition from Windows Disk Manager and created enough free space for Ubuntu to install (15GB)
  7. I am pretty confident that the USB key I use for booting Ubuntu is OK: the md5sum of the ISO was ok, I created the USB disk with ddrescue and synced it before unplugging.
  8. If I choose "Something else" from the installer, no partition is reported in the hard disk (so I cannot even do it manually and I don't want to risk blindly erasing the disk).
  9. Reinstalling Windows 8 is not an option.
  10. I would like to avoid DIY scripts and tools: I am not asking for anything special, Ubuntu installer should work the usual way. If some command-line-fu is needed, please include the relevant commands in the answer.
  11. The Live disk boots ok, and everything works as expected (I can install programs, browse the Internet with Firefox etc.).
  12. I am booting in UEFI mode.
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Have you had a look at How to install linux on a computer with GPT? – AzkerM Jan 29 '14 at 17:59
Yes. My disk is GPT, I am sure. I have double checked, no leftover data, plus I already have 7 partions (no logic), which wouldn't be possible if the disk was actually MBR. Additionally, I never installed Windows 7 or previous. – Stefano Sanfilippo Jan 31 '14 at 10:57

This is a common issue. Use the "Something Else" option. Although it references Windows 7, this question and answer should help.

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Please boot Windows 8 and disable Secure Boot and Quick Boot.

Then try again with Ubuntu 12.04.3 or better yet, wait until tomorrow to download Ubuntu 12.04.4.

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try boot-repair from live-usb. you can read

hope it will solve your problem, because i also use boot-repair to make grub recognize windows 8 and ubuntu itself

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