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Using Xubuntu 13.10, X.Org X Server 1.14.5 and the lastest ATI drivers for my dual R9 270 setup. After some time (a few hours) Xorg starts to use 100% of one core (quad core intel CPU), the system becomes unstable and then stops.

Does anyone know of any patches or a fix for this situation?

I've found this on reddit:

This is because of an interrupt storm. This has been a problem with AMD drivers for over a year, and they have still not fixed it. The only fix if you experience this seems to go back to the 12.8 drivers, which is not humanely possible on Linux distros that ship a semi-recent version of all the Xorg software. (It's possible, but not worth it at all.) I had the same problem with later drivers on windows and Linux.

One last fix you can try is setting the affinity of the irq daemon to one core/thread, and limit bfg/cgminer to that core/thread too.

I don't know what how to achieve the last suggestion.

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Solved using the taskset command:

taskset 0x00000001 command
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