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I am using Windows 8.1 currently on a Toshiba Satellite p755 (core i5, 600gb hdd). I created an unallocated space of 30GB to install Ubuntu. But when I try to install, Ubuntu says it is unused.

Then I went back to windows and created a new volume on Ubuntu again but it only sees the partition which has the Windows and the other partitions are combined together with the 30GB is not seen and also my D and E drives are combined. can anyone help me out with this.

I have tried googling; where people say all my HDD need to be on a primary rather basic but not dynamic MBR. How can i convert my HDD to primary so i can install Ubuntu if that is the case?

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Hi & Welcome to AU,

After reading your question, I assume your disk is dynamic but not a basic one. Well, in that case installing is not possible on a dynamic environment. Because, neither Ubuntu's bootloader GRUB nor Wubi's bootloader GRUB4DOS can recognize a Microsoft dynamic disk/volume/partition (SFS), and so they cannot boot from it; there is no sense in installing either when you won't be able to boot.

But you may achieve this in such a way, if any of these satisfies you.

  • First is that you may use a Virtual Box or similar programs to run Ubuntu as a virtual machine within Windows (an alternative option).
  • Secondly, add another hard disk to your system, install Ubuntu on it and set your system to boot from it; you can choose to boot Windows or Ubuntu from the GRUB menu at start-up.
  • Lastly, if you really need a dual-boot on a separate partition then you may have to consider converting your disk from dynamic to basic. In which case, this guide on Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk will help you to do so (I'd suggest you do a back up before converting even-though the process says that you won't loose any DATA's) .

Hope this helps you!

Source: Why can't I install Ubuntu or Wubi on a dynamic disk?

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