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I have an old Toshiba f10-100 Specs are:

processor: 1.70 GHz Intel® Pentium® M processor 735
hard disk: 60 GB
system memory: 512 MB (although I am in the process of buying an extra 1G ram for it)
graphics: nvidia GeForce Go 6600, 128MB

My laptop still runs on XP 32bit and is used mostly for working on my PhD - lots of typing, bit of browsing, lots of article reading (PDFs) and listening to music. I have a netbook for more everyday tasks. The laptop still works very well, if slowly, but needs a new operating system, I suspect I should install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but would appreciate any advice on the matter.

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For your current setup i would recommend you install Xubuntu after you upgrade the RAM to 1GiB you can go for Ubuntu 13.10 with gnome 3 gnome-session-fallback (no effects), it should run ok.

I hope this is helpful, good luck and welcome to the community.

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