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I currently have Xubuntu 13.10 installed. I'd like to switch to Ubuntu 13.10.

Is it possible to fully uninstall the Xfce parts of the system and install the vanilla Ubuntu parts? I suppose it's bit more complicated than just using

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop

There are a lot of questions about this already, but the the problem is the solution seems to be dependent on the corresponding *Ubuntu version each user has installed. So I thought maybe the following could be good start?

sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove xubuntu-desktop &&
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop -y &&
sudo apt-get update &&
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade &&
sudo apt-get autoremove &&
sudo apt-get autoclean

I recently tried out Ubuntu by installing ubuntu-desktop. One distinct problem I had with ubuntu-desktop was that there were no symbols whatsoever in the notification area (except the one for Synapse and one other thing) and that the system font was FreeSans. Will that be solved?

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Already answered .... See the following links: Removing : askubuntu.com/questions/92084/how-to-remove-xubuntu-desktop Installing Ubuntu: askubuntu.com/questions/19943/… –  user3225445 Jan 27 at 19:09
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I'd argue that you are correct in principal, but technically speaking you guys are both wrong. Psychocats does not seem to be updated anymore (source) and thus, imho, in cases which address 13.04 or newer *Ubuntu version, linking to posts which contain links to psychocats are not improving quality. –  henry Jan 27 at 20:03

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