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I had installed Ubuntu on my 32gb SSD and everything was fine until I figured I should try to use my 500gb HDD for something. So I ran Ubuntu from my usb, went on the installation guide, repartitioned my SSD to have 30gb for / with ext4 and 2gb of swap. And then made the 500gb HDD my ext4 /home partition. After the whole installation process the result of the reboot was the following which only flashes for a second before going to the usb boot, I managed to take a picture.picture I'm using a Lenovo u310 with 32gb SDD and 500gb HDD, with 4gb of ram. Any help would be welcome. http://imgur.com/VnLWei8

Edit: I Went ahead and deleted all partition and reinstalled ubuntu, making a partition ext4 / on the SSD for 30gb, a swap on the SSD of 2gb and then ext4 /home of 500gb in the HDD. After the installation after rebooting the same screen flashed for a second followed by another one which said:

Could not open "\EFI\BOOT\fallback.efi": 14

After a second of that, the boot from usb screen appears where the four options to try Ubuntu and such appears. Again any insight on what is wrong would be helpful.

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