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Recently i bought a new lenovo laptap (B490,intel pentium,2GB RAM).

  • Firstly i installed windows 7 OS,
  • then i installed ubuntu 10.04 as side by side.In that i faced a problem of getting sound even i installed plugins,so i erased and installed ubuntu 13.04(and i shared files from windows to linux and linux to windows and connected internet through netsetter)
  • after four hours my OS got jammed.Then i restarted it and it showing that the error as:

/sbin/init:error while loading shared libraries:libnih.so.1:can notopen shared object file:no such file or directory
[2.558767 kernel panic-not syncing:attempt to kill init

showing some other errors (not mentioned here),and after that i reinstalled it again, after couple of hours usage i got same problem,then i erased complete OS(including windows7)and installed ubuntu 12.04 and i found same problem. what i have to do with it?,I tired and screwed up on installations. pls help me.............

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