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I updated Nautilus to 3.6.3 in my Ubuntu installation from here:

Is there any way to Install Latest Nautilus File Manager in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Could someone show me how to update the rest of the Gnome apps to 3.6.X, I really want the latest speed improvements and other improvements in GNOME 3.6. Thanks in advanced!

Also I will not use the Webupd8 ppa.

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  • It looks like someone has asked this Q before (How to update from Gnome 3.4.1 to 3.6?) but it doesn't update all the apps just Gnome Shell. And also I need this for a project of my own and I'm doing it in a VM so you don't need to be concerned that I will be breaking my system as I already have Nautilus 3.6 and Rhythmbox 2.98. Rhythmbox 2.98 is from the ppa:ricotz/testing ppa and contains the dependencies for Gnome 3.6.X in Ubuntu 12.04 and I got Nautilus from the link above plus the ppa:ricotz/testing ppa

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Why not instead using Saucy that already have all the latest packages –  Braiam Jan 26 at 23:59
@Braiam I would like an LTS environment, and also I know that it is possible to have Gnome 3.6 apps running much more stable then 3.8 in Ubuntu 12.04. Also this is for school too –  davidbuddy9 Jan 27 at 0:03
I don't think it recommended to install a more recent GNOME in 12.04. I mean Precise was tested with a specific GNOME version, if what you want is stability you'd be contradicting yourself. (More recommended would be to dual boot with a more recent Ubuntu, if you absolutely need 12.04 installed). –  edwin Jan 27 at 1:07
Take a look at askubuntu.com/questions/413870/gedit-3-6-3-in-ubuntu-12-04/…, I explain how to manually build a package. Just adapt this to the packages you want. –  MrVaykadji Feb 2 at 0:25
Unrelated, but I sent you an email through the "contact form" on your website. I think you'll appreciate this ;) –  MrVaykadji Feb 2 at 0:32
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