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Can I install two OS on my PC without harming it. I was thinking maybe Ubuntu latest verion to install. I already have Windows 7 Home installed on my PC. I would like to know if I can keep Win 7 on one USER and UBUNTU on another. In this way I can switch USER in between. But I don't want to harm my PC in any way or corrupt some files. THANK YOU

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Are you referring to a dual-boot which at a time an OS can be booted. Or multiple OS running parallel at the same time?? Could you please clarify? –  AzkerM Jan 26 at 10:45
Multiple OS,THAT IS –  ROHIT777 Jan 26 at 10:46
I hope you understood what I inquire about.. Well, you're able to achieve it but by only using through a VM. Please refer Run both at the same time, Windows and Ubuntu for more. –  AzkerM Jan 26 at 10:50
Thanks I"LL see that. –  ROHIT777 Jan 26 at 10:52
What is the difference between a dual-boot and multiple OS running parallel at the same time?If you could refer me a link? New to UBUNTU..:) –  ROHIT777 Jan 26 at 11:02

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Yes ofcourse you can dual boot your os. Create some free space for installing ubuntu and then restart your computer with the Ubuntu installation disk. You will be asked to erase and install or install alongside with windows. You can chose the second option and follow the instructions on the screen

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My PC would be safe? if I go ahead... –  ROHIT777 Jan 26 at 10:48
I guess he's referring to multiple OS at the same time. Not that he needs a dual-boot as I clarified from the questioner. is it @ROHIT777? –  AzkerM Jan 26 at 10:52
Yes . It is @ROHIT777. –  ROHIT777 Jan 26 at 10:53
Make sure that you need dual boot or else you could use virtual box which would be of great use for you. (: –  Vishnu NK Jan 26 at 11:01
I"ll look into it. Thanks.. –  ROHIT777 Jan 26 at 11:15

Yes you can. If you already have Windows XP or 7 installed the easiest way to install Ubuntu without removing Windows is using a windows installer called Wubi. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer . You can also install Ubuntu the normal way by booting it from a DVD or USB drive.

If you're referring to running Ubuntu and Windows simultaneously i.e, one OS inside another you can take a look at virtualbox. https://www.virtualbox.org/

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I"ll try that..Thanks –  ROHIT777 Jan 26 at 12:42

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