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I am receiving a "Distribution failed" error message anytime I try and run the Linux Intel Graphics Installer, either manually or through the Terminal. This happens on a fresh install as well. As a result I cannot update the Intel driver to correlate with any kernel update at all. Thus my system crashes and won't even make it past the Boot Up Splash Screen.

Is there a fix to allow the Installer to update the Graphics, even on a fresh install? I am currently utilizing Kubuntu.

I don't think I can utilize any Linux distro without being able to update the Graphics to correlate with a kernel update. I have tried a fresh install many times and still get the same error and the same result of a system crash no matter what.

I may like to try a Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Lubuntu or something similiar but without being able to update the Intel Graphics every time a kernel update is involved I feel I am out of luck.

If anyone has a solution I would be very appreciative.

Thank you for any assistance.

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