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I have installed Robomongo 0.8.4(a mongodb administering tool) on Ubuntu 13.10 with a deb-package downloaded from it's official site.

When I switch the keyboard layout it does switch system-wide but it doesn't affect Robomongo which continues using the same one.

The correct keyboard layout is set in Robomongo when you restart it. But of course restarting the program just to switch the keyboard is painful.

Has somebody encountered such a problem on either this program or may be another?

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same problem... – dart Sep 10 '14 at 11:04
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This is a known (and still open) bug with Robomongo, likely related to similar Qt bugs. You can track the issue here:

For now, as you have noted, a restart is necessary for it to pick up the changes.

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Yeah, that is the issue I myself submitted to the Github. I should have published the link to it earlier. – German Apr 14 at 11:26
Now I feel bad for nabbing the answer, if I could upvote you more than once I would :) – Adam C Apr 14 at 13:18

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