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Let me preface by saying I'm new to this whole scene of installing a second OS on a partition, as well as operating and navigating Ubuntu, so I need the simplest explanations you can offer. I just did a fresh install of Windows 8 on my computer, then installed Ubuntu on a partition of the hard drive. After installing Ubuntu, the grub menu will properly open upon computer startup, but Win8 is nowhere to be found.

In fact, after this install the only things that were displayed in grub were the same as before the Ubuntu install (try Ubuntu, install Ubuntu, and whatever the third option was). Thoroughly confused, I selected install Ubuntu again. But this time I installed using the "alongside" option, which previously wasn't an option. I split the hard drive space in half pretty much, thinking this was more of a means of making Windows available alongside Ubuntu, but no. It installed Ubuntu again. Not sure where the second copy is relative to the first.

But anyway, when I restart the computer now, grub loads with two different options to open Ubuntu, along with some other junk, but still no Win8 startup option. I can navigate in Ubuntu to one of the two halves I created during the alongside installation, and can see that it's my Windows files, but have no idea how to launch Windows. Needless to say, this is a huge problem for me.

So now I have two problems: 1) how can I make Windows 8 a boot option in the grub menu, and 2) how can I undo/delete the extraneous install of Ubuntu?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Like I said before, I will probably need more detailed explanation than an experienced user :) Thanks!

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Best to see details, you can run from a Live installer or from your install. help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Info –  oldfred Jan 25 '14 at 19:51

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